Evaluating the All Survivors Project

Rape and other forms of sexual violence occurs in most contemporary armed conflicts. While disproportionately affecting women and girls, conflict related sexual violence involving men and boys has been documented in over 25 different situations of armed conflict in recent decades.

All Survivors Project (ASP) supports global initiatives aimed at eradicating conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) against men and boys. In May 2023 we were commissioned to conduct a Midterm evaluation of ASP’s five-year Strategic Plan.

The evaluation primarily focused on assessing ASP’s progress against its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan; evaluating its relevance, effectiveness, coherence, efficiency, sustainability, and impact in order to make recommendations to enhance ASP’s work.

The evaluation included both ASP’s global endeavours, involving interactions with the UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Mechanisms and other international stakeholders, as well as its projects within the focal countries of Afghanistan, Central African Republic (CAR), and Colombia.