CEO and Co-Managing Partner

Raymond Asfour

Raymond is the CEO and co-Managing Partner of Expectation State.

Prior to Expectation State, Raymond’s career focused on supporting governments in Emerging States. He has worked with and alongside a wide range of donors including FCDO, USAID, EU, UN, GIZ, JICA, the World Bank, EBRD, Danida, the Mastercard Foundation, INGOs and Family Offices throughout South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. His work has focused on designing, implementing, and evaluating programmes and funding instruments aimed at enhancing state stability, including through private sector engagement.

In addition to his role at Expectation State, Raymond is a Senior Deployable Civilian Expert for the UK Government Stabilisation Unit, a former board trustee of the Centre on Religion and Global Affairs and CRGA USA, and sits on the board of the Lebanon Rugby Union Federation following a reluctantly relinquished playing career.

Raymond’s country experience includes: Afghanistan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Somaliland, South Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.