What we do

We work with governments
in emerging states and investors
in their home markets.

In our focus states, we work alongside senior government officials to improve investment related governance and decision making. We don’t simply advise, we deliver; implementing strategies, reforming policy, delivering events, and building relationships with global investors on government’s behalf.

In our source markets, we maintain relationships with industry investors and global private equity. We work with them to enter our focus states, identifying opportunities, understanding the landscape, and communicating with government.

We commit to our markets, establishing a deep and long-term country presence. We work politically, maintaining relationships with senior levels of government. We bring world-class private sector expertise to bear in support of our clients.


The investors that approach us need a responsive partner in Emerging States. They need more than access to government and political understanding. They need an ability to proactively identify and solve problems. We live the complexities of our focus states and are clear that for their commercial opportunity to be realised, specialist intervention is required. We:

  • Grow the senior relationships with government and the private sector needed to close investments
  • Work to connect global investors with public and private investment opportunities
  • Commit to removing investment obstacles to realise benefit for investors, states and citizens.
  • Position investments in a way that contributes to social progress, while maintaining the priority of commercial return.


Put simply, we do all we can to enable investors to succeed in the places that need it most.



We work with Governments that place investment at the heart of their vision for the state and its citizens. We provide specialist expertise to better reflect investor need in policy, decision making and delivery, in order to directly increase investment. At the invitation of Government, we:

  • Refocus government investment institutions to better reflect and respond to investor need
  • Generate investment leads with international companies
  • Change the way governments talk about investment, from Prime Minister to administrator
  • Pioneer linking investment to socially and economically inclusive government policy
  • Catalyse digital transformation to increase investment opportunity and appeal
  • Scrutinise mega-projects in preparation for market


Put simply, we do all we can to enable governments to attract the investors they need to grow their economies and deliver for their citizens.

Case studies

Where we work

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Case Studies

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20 September 2019

Private markets and emerging states: assessing the state of play

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20 August 2019

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30 June 2019

Refreshing the Tunisia Investment Forum

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17 May 2019

Investment roadshow across Europe and the US

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