A different approach to inclusive growth in emerging states, to benefit society as a whole.

Reframing investment policy through the lens of
social and environmental impact
to generate greater inclusivity in MENA markets
Impact Investment
in Jordan to increase the quality of investment flows
Designing a
blockchain digital trading platform
for a national Stock Exchange to provide exit opportunities for SMEs
Supporting a European Family Office with their
philanthropic spend and partnerships
Comprehensive investment support
to the Government of Tunisia to increase the quantity and quality of investment
Researching, surveying and mapping
refugee investment mechanisms
in Jordan
Working with Ministers and Prime Ministers to
engage global investors
using targeted and curated approaches
Undertaking an agri-business
market study
in Libya
Combatting Covid’s effect on investment through a Tunisian
Private Sector Support Unit
Identifying tensions between
investment in the digital sector
and individual rights to provide solutions that help investors
Designing entry points for the economic integration of
displaced youth in West Africa
global allocation strategies
of institutional investors and investment managers
Designing a new
national digital agency
to provide better government digital services and grow an ecosystem of entrepreneurs
Supporting high impact start-ups
and SMEs to respond to Covid-19
Supporting female entrepreneurs
in Jordan to internationalise and grow their businesses


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global investors,
and international organisations