Establishing a Private Sector Support Unit in Tunisia

In collaboration with the UK-government, we spearheaded the development of a Tunisian Private Sector Support Unit to support the engagement of investors and the private sector in Tunisia in the face of Covid-19.

This platform allowed both local and foreign investors to submit requests for Covid-19 related support and information. The platform was managed by key organisations including the Ministry of Investment, Foreign Investment Promotion Agency and Tunisia Investment Authority. It offered a unified back-end system for automated resolution, enabling online collaboration across government departments—an unprecedented achievement for Tunisian Investment Promotion Agencies. 

The Online Platform streamlined investor interactions, improving accountability and accessibility for government support measures such as wage assistance, fiscal deadline extensions, and debt rescheduling. Beyond platform development, it provided a channel for investors to voice their needs and concerns, effectively elevating the investment climate in Tunisia.

Through the project Expectation State also drafted an Investment Recovery Plan with 23 policy recommendations for the Tunisian Government.