Partner, Tunisia Country Representative

Amine Allouche

Amine is an Expectation State Partner and Country Representative in Tunisia.

Prior to joining Expectation State Amine was a Trade and Investment Adviser at the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) where his role involved supporting businesses interested in exporting to Tunisia. Amine also worked as EU Exit Officer at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the British Embassy Tunis, where he monitored and coordinated the transition of the post-Brexit UK-Tunisia Association Agreement.

Prior to this, Amine worked at Al Bawsala, a Tunisian NGO focused on parliamentary and budgetary oversight and transparency of local government. He led and contributed to programmes addressing, state reform, public sector accountability, civil servant capacity building and advocacy on issues of human rights and political reform. Amine has an academic background in Business Decision Making and Political Science.