Developing an Investment Strategy for Renewable Energy and Regenerative Agriculture in MENA

Renewable Energy and Regenerative Agriculture have experienced a significantly increased level of attention from donors, investors and foundations over the last five years as components of addressing the global climate crisis. These approaches must be rooted in the existing ecosystem of initiatives across the region and better understand the communities they seek to serve. 

In 2022 we were commissioned by the implementation arm of a prominent European Family office to support the development of their investment strategy in Renewable Energy and Regenerative Agriculture.

Over three months, we conducted a comprehensive mapping of the trends, policies and priority areas of focus in MENA within the regenerative agricultural and renewable energy landscape through a literature review and interviews. This included an overview of institutional bodies and grassroots movements. We provided recommendations for broadening and diversifying our client’s partnership networks to address gaps and catalyse growth, particularly in areas of policy development and advocacy. Our recommendations were presented to our client’s investment board and approved to take forward.