Conducting a Rapid Assessment of the Refugee and Host Community Ecosystem in Uganda

With one of the most open-door refugee policies in the world, Uganda stands out as a significant refugee hosting country in Africa, offering opportunities aiming at the resettlement of the refugees.

In collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation and World University Service of Canada (WUSC), we devised and conducted a rapid assessment focused on understanding the dynamics of the Refugee and Host Community Ecosystem in Uganda.

This project was designed to provide critical insights to inform and shape the strategy of the Mastercard Foundation on the empowerment of young refugees and host community youth, encompassing skills development and the creation of essential linkages to financial services and market opportunities.

Over a three-month period we deployed a research team to eight districts across Uganda, including Kampala, Isingiro, Arua, Kamwenge, Mbarara, Yumbe, Lamor, and Kikuube, conducting 135 interviews. This geographical coverage aimed to ensure that our findings were comprehensive and reflective of the diverse situations faced by refugees and host communities in Uganda.