Bridging Finance Gaps And Empowering Jordanian SMEs

Youth and women can be a driving force for Jordan’s private-sector development and an engine for job creation, provided that the challenges they meet in starting or growing a business are addressed.

Expectation State is partnering with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to empower Jordanian startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs by bridging the gap between their financial needs and available resources. 

Through the creation of a comprehensive financial matchmaking matrix and targeted support services, this project aims to equip Jordanian startups and SMEs with the necessary knowledge and resources to secure funding and accelerate their growth.

Our role encompasses developing a comprehensive financial matchmaking matrix that categorises local financial mechanisms by modality, business stage, and eligibility criteria. We will conduct workshops to enhance financial literacy among project cohorts and facilitate connections between businesses and suitable financial mechanisms through tailored coaching on grant application processes.