Project Manager

Dima Mansour

Dima is a Project Manager at Expectation State

Dima is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of extensive experience in project management, consultancy, research, and training. She has collaborated with organisations and donors including USAID, WHO, UNDP, World Vision, ICNL, DAI and Deloitte, among several others. Her sectoral experience includes strategic management, export promotion and facilitation, access to finance, healthcare and life sciences, and SME development.

Dima’s work has led her to partner with policymakers, business associations, and the private sector to advocate for enabling legislative reforms. Her current work requires her to ensure project objectives are met within scope, time, and budget constraints. In addition, Dima maintains influential relationships with project stakeholders, manages risk and allocates resources to drive successful project outcomes.

Dima’s expertise extends to the private sector; crafting comprehensive trade and marketing strategies, promoting business development, and conducting in-depth research and analysis.