Profiling and Engaging Impact Investors for Jordan

As an asset class and idea, impact investing is growing. Mainstream fund managers have entered the arena, raising awareness about the issues associated with the core tenets of impact investing. While this is great for the industry, it is less certain what effect this will have on emerging and frontier market investing, including countries such as Jordan.

In 2019, Expectation State worked with USAID and the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation to provide research and recommendations focused on increasing Jordan’s appeal and access to international impact investors. 

We provided an in-depth analysis of global impact investment; profiled 50 global impact investment funds; brokered pilot relationships between government and funds; and conducted training of potential future fund managers.

Subsequently, we designed an approach to demonstrate how Jordan’s investment authorities could institute an account management approach to investment managers, stemming from the reality that targeted intervention and support is needed to increase Jordan’s profile among private markets actors.