Associate Consultant

Ons Ben Abdelkarim

Ons is an Associate Consultant with Expectation State

Ons formerly served as Expectation State’s Tunisia Country Representative. She has previously led projects for Expectation State on a variety of issues related to inclusive growth, for donors such as the FCDO and GIZ, and is currently undertaking a mid-career MPA at Harvard, where she specialises in negotiation and adaptive leadership.

Ons returned to Tunisia in 2013, following a number of roles in Paris, at which point she joined Al Bawsala. A Tunisian NGO working on accountability and good governance, Al Bawsala was established to encourage transparency and accountability in government, with a focus on the constitution drafting process. Ons first served as secretary general and then as president.

Upon leaving Al Bawsala, Ons joined the Think Tank Joussour, where she led reports focused on economic advocacy. She then joined an international consultancy where she managed economic development-focused technical assistance, prior to joining Expectation State in 2018.