Managing industry accounts in Tunisia

Our account management work is the front-line of investor engagement. We research, profile, target and build actionable relationships with scores of businesses in order to generate leads for our focus states.

For Tunisia, we are researching, targeting and meeting with companies to increase investment into the country. This support is directly impacting Tunisia’s ability to increase the level of ‘greenfield’ investment, by targeting and building leads from both completely new or under-maintained companies.

We have been in direct contact with over 350 companies to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in Tunisia. These are predominantly European headquartered firms operating across the digital, automotive, aerospace and hospitality sectors. From those companies we are proactively managing 40 active accounts, generating 33 new investment leads.

Our efforts have already secured an investment success – with “unicorn” ride-hailing business, Bolt, choosing Tunisia as their first market for expansion in MENA and establishing operations in the country.