Designing a Blockchain Enabled Digital Trading Platform for the Tunisian Stock Exchange

Expectation State was commissioned by the German Agency for International Cooperation and the Tunisian Stock Exchange to conduct a feasibility study and design a roadmap for the creation of a digital exchange for start-up financing at the Tunisian Stock Exchange. This feasibility study aims to explore the opportunity to establish a dedicated exchange for start-up financing through Security Token Offerings, leveraged by digital technologies such as Blockchain.

Start-ups from around the region can access capital and investors can access deal flow with relative ease. Through our work we increasingly see Blockchain and tokenisation as an opportunity for greater economic inclusion. Fractionalised ownership democratises access to investment opportunities, and previously uninvestable assets become investable.

Our study advises on the potential to accelerate start-up investments and provide new untapped sources of funding for start-ups through the compartment. A future digital exchange will also contribute to the Stock Exchange’s growth and operations and enhance its profitability, ultimately improving its ability to finance the economy.