Designing a New National Digital Agency

The Tunisian Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy (MTCEN) required an expert consultancy to map and landscape the Tunisian digital ecosystem (public and private) and make recommendations for the structure, mission and partnership requirements for a new digital agency to lead the Government’s delivery of digital transformation. We assembled a team of experts and detailed methodology for establishing the structure, mission and partnerships required to bring the ADN into existence. This included the former COO of Tech Nation and now CPO of Simply Business, MB Christie and former Deputy CEO of the UK Tech accelerator, Tech City, Benjamin Southworth, all supported by our Tunisia based tech experts and overseen by ES Director, Andrew Collingwood.

We used primary and secondary qualitative to establish the basic internal and external user need for the ADN and combined the findings to reflect the views of the ecosystem and user base and make recommendations for an initial MVP. We then undertook workshops around that MVP with core and extended MTCEN team and agreed a draft. Our team then worked with the MTCEN team to develop a series of options for the structure of the ADN, through workshops and developing options. We supplemented this by producing detailed case studies and deep dives into international examples of Digital Agencies and ecosystem builders, and in doing so, we identified 10 public and private sector partners and civil society organisations for the MTCEN to approach to support the ADN. This work has been used to inform the structure of the newly formed “Smart Capital” and has been been used as the the blueprint for the future of digital transformation in Tunisia.