Combatting Covid’s Effect on Investment through a Tunisian Private Sector Support Unit

Weeks before the country went into its first lockdown because of Covid-19, we started discussing how we can help Tunisia face the challenges of this new pandemic. We reached out to public and private institutions as well as international friends to build an emergency programme for Tunisia’s investment support. As early as April 2020, we had developed and launched a fully online solution for Tunisia’s investment agencies TIA and FIPA as well as the ministry in charge of Investment, helping them continue to respond to investors in a time of full lockdown and near-complete paralysis of Government services in many countries. We reached out to over 650 local and international investors, helped many of them access fully-online Government services, and allowed at least 3 major public agencies continue to work remotely.

This Private Sector Support Unit was in place until March 2021 when most public institutions were back to normal work patterns at least partially. Through this programme, we developed solutions in record times, harnessed national and international support, as well as public and private engagement to help alleviate the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic on a crucial component of the Tunisian economy —Foreign Direct Investment.