Building Tunisia’s first digital agency

Digital transformation and the growth of the digital economy are prerequisites for attracting high growth, high tech investment. We are helping Tunisia build their first ever Digital Agency to lead digital transformation across Government and foster greater levels of growth in the Tunisian tech ecosystem

We are supporting the Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technology and Digital Economy (MTCEN) to create the Agence de Developpement du Numerique (ADN) through consultation and evidence based recommendations for the technical structure of the ADN.

We have used market leading expertise in digital transformation to help the MTCEN frame the Mission, Vision and Purpose of the ADN and we have consulted across Government to reflect user needs within the design of the new Agency. 

We have used insights generated from the consultation, our understanding of the Tunisian context and international best practice to make detailed recommendations for the structure of the ADN.

These recommendations will be used by the MTCEN internally to make the case for a more ambitious ADN that has the potential to be a significant catalyst for improved government services and growth of the digital economy.